01. They were able to produce a very [slick], and professional-looking advertising brochure on their home computer.
02. Emilio [slicked] back his hair with a small blob of mousse.
03. The record company has very [slickly] promoted her as a sexy, young performer.
04. The [slick] promotion of the artist actually worked against him, as people suggested that it was all just undeserved hype.
05. The Red Wings' [slick] passing plays have resulted in three unanswered goals.
06. I don't trust politicians who are too [slick] and charming; I want to hear from a person who is open and sincere.
07. He is a [slick] politician who can lie to your face while smiling and shaking your hand.
08. Aerial photographs of the sinking freighter showed an oil [slick] over 50 miles long.
09. The movie has an interesting, handmade look to it, which is a nice contrast to the [slick], commercial films one sees all the time.
10. The [slick] has contaminated beaches all along the coast, killing thousands of sea birds, fish and marine animals.
11. The candidate has run a very [slick] campaign and is expected to win with a healthy majority.
12. Elizabeth slipped and fell while walking on the [slick] surface of the algae covered rocks at the beach.
13. The [slickness] of the presentation couldn't hide a serious lack of meaningful content.
14. Marty [slicked] down his unruly hair with water from the fountain before entering the gymnasium where the dance was being held.
15. A huge oil [slick] is threatening thousands of marine birds and animals off the coast of Alaska.
16. The oil [slick] has been largely cleaned up from the beach now, thanks in part to the efforts of a dedicated group of volunteers.
17. The tires on my bicycle are so old that they are quite [slick], and cause me to slip on wet roads.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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